Used Cars With Apple CarPlay® For Sale In Brentwood, TN

Body style, engine, and model year — those are the overall criteria in your search, but sometimes you're after a certain feature like used cars with Apple CarPlay®. That's why you're on this page, and that's what it's all about. Apple CarPlay® is a modern wonder that transforms vehicle connectivity and adds a whole lot of functionality to already cutting-edge infotainment systems.

It's been around for several years now and quickly has become one of the most desirable tech features that a car can include. Sometimes, it can be tedious to browse through a used car inventory looking for Apple CarPlay® in particular. We've eliminated the need to dive into individual listings one after the other, as we've put all of our used vehicles with Apple CarPlay® on this page. So take your time as you shop our used vehicle selection; we've made it easy to find what you need.

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The Benefits of Cars Equipped With Apple CarPlay®

In a nutshell, Apple CarPlay® is a user interface built into a vehicle's infotainment system. Cars with Apple CarPlay® for sale don't rely entirely on that infotainment system itself, but also rely on your phone. Using their connectivity, you pair your Apple iPhone® to the infotainment system, and the two become integrated. The Apple user interface takes over and essentially mirrors your phone's functionality, displaying all the apps on your infotainment screen.

So, you connect your phone, and features like phone calls, text messages, GPS navigation, and music streaming are brought onto the built-in infotainment screen. Available features like built-in navigation make driving to new places effortless, and answering incoming calls no longer involves picking up the actual phone. Some examples of used cars with Apple CarPlay® require a cabled connection, and some examples work wirelessly over Bluetooth®. Either way, it's the latest and greatest in digital connectivity, and it enhances your drive like never before.

Our Selection of Cars That Use Apple CarPlay® in Brentwood, TN

So which models make up our selection of used cars with Apple CarPlay® for sale? Many from many makes, and nearly all recently made Volvo vehicles. A used Volvo SUV for sale is almost guaranteed to have it if she's from after the 2018 model year. That means you can find luxurious used cars like a used 2018 Volvo XC60 Recharge SUV, jump right in, connect your phone, and get started using Apple CarPlay®. Sedans like Volvo S60 and Volvo S90 models, wagons like the Volvo V90, and the rest of the Volvo SUV lineup are all included too.

But Volvo vehicles aren't all we carry. Whether from Honda, Ford, Lincoln, or Chevy, you'll find trucks, SUVs, and other used cars with Apple CarPlay® from these brands, and sometimes even more. Trucks like a 2020 Chevy Silverado can haul whatever your heart desires and set the soundtrack and waypoints for the job with Apple CarPlay® connectivity. It's increasingly common to see it included in vehicles, and likewise, our inventory of used vehicles with it is growing too.

Filter Our Inventory by Features

We don't just make separate inventories for used cars that have Apple CarPlay®. You can focus on whichever feature is at the top of your wishlist. If it's used cars with moonroofs, we've got you covered. Likewise, you can filter our entire used-car inventory by features like leather seats, cooled seats, LED headlights, Wi-Fi hot-spot capabilities, Android Auto™ connectivity, blind-spot monitoring, and much, much more to narrow in on your perfect used vehicle.

Shop Used Cars With Apple CarPlay® Near Nashville, TN

Whether you're looking for luxury SUVs with Apple CarPlay® or a value-packed selection of used vehicles under $15,000, our pre-owned inventory has something for you. That "something" will also be a vehicle hand-picked for its quality and value, ensuring that you'll make countless miles worth of cherished memories and be treated to dependable daily driving for years to come. So browse away, and contact us for a test drive once you've found your perfect used vehicle.

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