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Volvo Battery Service Center

There's so much more to your Volvo battery than you may have ever realized! On this page, we'll show you how our Volvo Cool Springs Parts Department in Brentwood, TN, can help you save on the right equipment. We'll also tell you about how we can save you money on Volvo battery service and some common "peculiarities" that mean it's time to come and see us for a little more.

Your Volvo Battery. It's Not Just for Starting, Anymore

Back in the day, if you needed a Volvo battery, there was just one to choose from. If your early model Volvo S60 was slow to start, you could confidently change your battery and be on your way. Nowadays, your modern Volvo vehicle has more computers than the original space shuttle, which means the demand for more power is greater than ever. And the result is the fact that your Volvo XC90 battery is just one of many batteries that exist throughout the vehicle. Sounds like a lot? Lean on our easy car battery replacement service.

Off the top of our heads, you've got a primary Volvo battery, a stop/start assist battery, an alarm system backup battery, lithium-ion batteries (if your vehicle is electrified), integrated ECU batteries, a Volvo key fob battery, and what else? There's more. But we'd bore you to tears with the endless chapters in our shop manual.

Needless to say, your Volvo battery replacement needs should be left to the professionals. We can save you time and from headaches with the ability to pin down exactly which Volvo battery needs to be replaced. And we can do it safely. If you look for all of these batteries yourself, you'll see plenty of "shock risk warning" stickers. Changing a Volvo battery of this type is more involved than just disconnecting the terminals.

Volvo Battery DIY

Let's talk about some of the things you can change! Did you know that if your Volvo vehicle doesn't start, she might not even need a Volvo battery replacement? Well, a primary battery in any event. If you get in there and turn the key or push the button and nothing happens, it might be time for a Volvo key fob battery replacement! If the signal is lost between your fob and your vehicle's immobilizer, your vehicle is dead in her tracks.

Life near Nashville, TN, is busy. The last thing you need to worry about is getting to your destinations on time because of a Volvo battery failure. To avoid this, you may wish to change your fob's battery if it's been a few years. Contrary to popular belief, they don't last forever!

How to change the battery in a Volvo key fob?

For most new models, the procedure is the same. Pushing down on the external handset button, slide the Volvo Cars cover up and away from the handset. This will reveal your skeleton key blade and another button that releases the back cover of the fob in a similar fashion. Once the back cover is removed, identify the fob's battery cover and twist counterclockwise to "open." The positive side of the battery is now revealed. Remove and replace with the correct battery and ensure the + symbol is facing you before you close. Reassembly is the reverse of removal. If the fob battery was to blame, this should rectify the issue without any additional programming. Earlier handsets are similar.

If this procedure seems intimidating, no worries! Let us help you. Our Volvo Service Center can have your battery swapped - often at the parts counter (provided they're not busy).

Volvo Battery Replacement & More Near Franklin, TN

Don't risk electrical shock or damage to your upholstery while pulling out the rear of your car in search of your Volvo S60 battery location. Let us handle it while you relax in our hospitality center. Enjoy Wi-Fi, refreshments, and even more ways to save. Our brake service coupons are favorite incentives that get you the quality service you need at a price you'll love.

Need more than just brakes or a battery? We've got you covered for all sorts of things like oil changes, road trip inspections, accessory upgrades, and new tires at our Volvo Tire Center. Whatever you need for your Volvo vehicle, our staff is ready to help you get the most out of your investment. See you soon!


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